Project: Pine Point Recreation Area: Campground Area | Location: Timothy Lake, Oregon
Project Lead: Jordan Secter

The Pine Point Campground is a popular destination for overnight visitors to Timothy Lake, but the area has several key deficiencies. Secter Environmental Design was contracted to help improve and modernize the facilities in this area.


The Pine Point Recreation Area is a popular spot for outdoor enthusiasts in Oregon, but the park's campgrounds needed to be upgraded to meet both visitors' needs and regulatory requirements. Specific issues included a lack of delineation between campsites, a lack of ADA sites or trails, dilapidated restroom facilities, and a lack of signage communicating circulation rules and regulations. In addition, many campers spread out their sites beyond campsite limits, blocking the shoreline trail used by hikers and other visitors.

Proposed Solution:

Our goal is to upgrade the Pine Point Campground facilities and improve the visitor experience while seeking to preserve and enhance the natural environment within the campground. Particular attention has been given to designing features that enable nature-based recreation activities, environmental education, and community events in a way that seeks a balance between the developed and natural portions of the campground. As with the day-use area, careful consideration will be given to the existing natural character of the area.

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